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5 Point Checklist When Selling Your Junk Car

5 Point Checklist When Selling Your Junk Car

Are you considering selling your junk car? You need to consider some factors before doing so to ensure that you don’t get short-changed in the process. Here are five things to consider.

Go for a Licensed Buyer

To avoid getting scammed, ensure that the dealer has an active license. When you go to the yard, request their permit checks and license number, and double check by confirming it on the internet.

Alternatively, if your state offers e-services to do permit checks, ask the dealer for their license number and confirm it on the internet. Although you might be tempted by a lucrative deal, ensure that you are dealing with licensed dealers to avoid a huge liability later on.

Get the Required Documentation

Salvage yards require sellers to have proper documentation, including their driver’s license, vehicle title, and vehicle registration when dropping off their junk car. Without the proper documentation, you cannot prove the car belongs to you.

Take Off Your License Plates

Car license plates are worth keeping once you junk your vehicle as you can transfer them to a new car. Even if you don’t have a new car to transfer the license plates to, you need to remove and return them to the DMV to be reissued.

Remove Personal Items

Before dropping off your junk car, check and remove any personal items as you may lose valuables once you let the vehicle go. Sweep between the compartments and seats for lost credit cards, jewelry, money, EZ-Pass, or any other personal information. 

Cancel Your Car Insurance

Doing this ensures that a forgotten auto-pay installment isn’t billed before you have a chance to call them. If you had paid for full inclusion, you could qualify for a refund.

The Bottom Line

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